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This Aspect Of Christianity Has Shaped The World More Than Any Other

Forgiveness. It’s what we have been called to practice. It’s simple, yet difficult and transcendent. And it is, perhaps, the one aspect of Christianity that has had the most impact on the shaping of modern history.

Top 8 Movies For Christians With Brains

  Here are eight movies that masterfully explore the human condition while challenging your assumptions and testing your worldview.

Do You Supply Your Kid With “Cocaine”?

So, are you helping your child “gain an edge” by supplying him or her with electronic media from an early age?

Jesus Was Just Some Ancient Myth: Debate

Were the Gospels just a brilliant rip-off of other religious leaders and cults?

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Liberalism

Liberalism has had a profound influence on the world for the past few hundred years.

Are These Really King Solomon’s Copper Mines?

“To put your hand on the copper supply at that time was really critical. Whoever controlled or tried to monopolize this was in power.” -Dr. Israel Finkelstein

Make A Few Bad Choices, Get Punished In Hell Forever?

So, God is going to punish you in Hell forever and ever and ever because you sinned during your tiny, finite time on Earth.

Are You One Of The “Nones”?

Almost everyone is familiar with “nuns”. You may even be friends with a nun or two. But how about “Nones”?

Video For Dummies: The “Fine Tuning” Of The Universe

Do we live in a Universe that has been finely-tuned to allow for our existence?

Truth Deniers Are Crying About Fake News

Do Christians traffic in Fake News? Absolutely.

Acting Like You’re Married Is A Dumb Idea

New item on the list of cool things to do: Young couples acting like they’re married. Stayover relationships. Shacking up. Playing house.

Who Really Wrote The Gospels?

Matthew, the tax collector… Mark, the notetaker for the disciple Peter… Luke, the physician pal of Paul.. and John, the “favorite” of Jesus…

What Is the Apocrypha And Why Should You Care?

So, what are these ancient “books” we call the Apocrypha?

Lessons To Be Learned By Evangelical Progressives

Scot McKnight has some advice for Evangelical progressives still reeling from the sharp blow of the recent elections.

DO Have Greeters In Your Church. DON’T Let Them Make These Mistakes.

  A church with a “greeter ministry” is already ahead of the game. Don’t blow it by letting these 5 mistakes creep into your game plan.