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5 Reasons Evangelicals Say God and Evolution Can’t Coexist


Many Evangelical Christians say “Evolutionary Creationism” is bogus.

From a Christian standpoint, Evolutionary Creationism (also called Theistic Evolution) seeks a symbiosis between the Biblical understanding of creation and the modern scientific understanding of biological evolution.

According to Brad Kramer, managing editor at BioLogos, there are five major areas of Evangelical disagreement concerning Evolutionary Creationism:


  1. A plain reading of the Bible doesn’t allow for it
  2. Evolution makes it difficult to understand Adam, the Fall, and sin
  3. Micro-Evolution is fine, but Macro-Evolution is just an unproven, unscientific theory
  4. Creation bears the marks of Intelligent Design, not blind, purposeless evolution
  5. Evolution is driven by a secular, worldly agenda


Kramer says BioLogos has answers that explore the common pushback from the Evangelical community, and writes:

“On origins, Evangelicals have too often thrown out the baby with the bathwater. What we need instead is to carefully examine the evidence on its own merits, rather than automatically assigning labels and ideologies to it. Otherwise, we run the risk of standing in opposition to legitimate discoveries about the world God has created.”

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