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My background is in economics, entrepreneurship and small business.

It is my opinion that Christians shouldn’t be huddled up, cloistered from the world and only interacting with “their own kind”. Though we are not to be of this world, we are nevertheless immersed in it, and are therefore obligated to manage everything that has been entrusted to us according to God’s principles. Thus we need to be proper stewards of our time, our money and our gifts and this involves understanding and engaging our culture, not hiding from it. We need to make it our mission to co-opt the things of the world for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

Most of us struggle daily to keep the correct perspective as we float through the surrounding culture, and sometimes it’s tough to maintain a critical eye on the materialistic world that is all around us. I think one of the keys to staying on an even keel while navigating the ever-changing waters is to be a perpetual learner, open to hear and learn from other peoples’ opinions and ideas.

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    Hello Chaz,

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