Your Impact | - Part 2

5 Things About Millennial Christians Who Think Socialism Is Cool

  Lots of Millennial Christians these days are feeling the Socialist vibe

Career Growth Is a Worthy Goal 4

Hey, with very few exceptions everyone has to do something to bring in some money on a regular basis, right? And I find it interesting that when you talk to people about how they earn their pay, most tend to talk about what they do in three different ways. They either say, “it’s just a ...

11 Reasons Why YOU Should Start A Blog

  Every Christian should have their own blog! Welcome to the largest and most accessible mission field on the planet… 

Learn How To Chat With A Stranger, And You’ll Know How To Talk To Anyone

Learn how to talk to a stranger? Say what? I hear ya… I used to think that there weren’t many things suckier than having to talk to people that I didn’t know. Man, I absolutely hated situations where I would find myself among a group of strangers and one of them would start off on ...

How To Be Happy (Almost) All The Time

Can you learn how to be happy all the time? Nah, I don’t think that’s really possible. But I seriously believe that you can learn to be happy almost all of the time. And why do I think this? Well the way I figure it, since there are people out there that have learned to ...

Cézanne’s Art – A Study of Inner Lives and Outward Facades

“When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God-made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art.”   On a rain-soaked July afternoon in 1939, a sleek Talbot-Lago cabriolet roared towards Paris on the Route Verte. Unexpectedly, the black car skidded on a patch ...

American Evangelical Christianity Has A Lunatic Fringe 2

If evangelical leaders have any guts at all, they’ll expose the extremists who masquerade as evangelicals.

Have You Made Your Kid’s High School GPA Into An Idol?

Does your family worship at the altar of the high school transcript?

Why Don’t Christian Pro-Lifers Kill The Abortionists?

Wouldn’t executing them be a moral response to their mass murder?

How Much Do You Know About the Bible In Music?

Here’s something that will show you how much there is to know.

No, Joseph Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

This I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Hey, Helicopter Parents: You’re Ruining Your Kids

Over-protecting and over-helping will lead to crashing and burning.

The Political Left Uses Your College Kid As A Tool

The newest tactic of the Left turns college students into suppressors of free speech.

You Are NOT An Independent Individual

The idea of living life on your own terms is bogus.

Get With The Times – Marriage Is Outdated

Can Ephesians clear the muddy waters?