Your Impact | - Part 3

Freedom Of Speech Is For Losers

You don’t need it when your’e winning the culture war.

Duped By The Global Warming Propaganda Machine

New Pew survey shows effectiveness of global warming propaganda.

Public Schools Aren’t Failing Our Kids, Parents Are.

Moral formation is the responsibility of parents not schools.

End Poverty In America With A Broom And A Paycheck? – Free eBook 4

Eight scholars over at the American Enterprise Institute have put together a compelling compilation titled Poverty in America – and What To Do About It.  The 80-page book is now being offered for free in .pdf form. Even though the various writers share a common worldview, there are enough individual differences, approaches and biases to ...

A Healthy Breakfast Idea – Juicing

“Let thy medicine by thy food and thy food be thy medicine.”  -Hippocrates Looking for some healthy breakfast ideas? Here’s one: Drink your vegetables! I juice vegetables for breakfast almost every day, love it and look forward to it. I think that having fresh juice for breakfast is a great way to kick start your ...

Some Volunteering Quotes That Really Resonate

I’m a big-time believer in ‘giving back’ by volunteering. It’s a funny thing though; a lot of times when I donate my time and effort towards something that I really value at my core I almost feel a bit guilty when someone praises me for helping out. Why is this? Well I guess it’s because ...

Hey, What Would Be Your Stewardship Definition?

Do you have a personal stewardship definition? What is the definition of stewardship? Well according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it’s “the office, duties, and obligations of a steward”. And what’s a steward? Well, in loose terms, a steward is a manager; someone who has something entrusted to their care. Okay, fine; that seems kind of ...