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This Aspect Of Christianity Has Shaped The World More Than Any Other

Forgiveness. It’s what we have been called to practice. It’s simple, yet difficult and transcendent. And it is, perhaps, the one aspect of Christianity that has had the most impact on the shaping of modern history.

Acting Like You’re Married Is A Dumb Idea

New item on the list of cool things to do: Young couples acting like they’re married. Stayover relationships. Shacking up. Playing house.

Who Really Rules America?

Is there really such a thing as “the Power Elite”? If so, who exactly are they?  Do they have an infrastructure? What is their ideology? Where do they get their money? 

How To Build A Simple Financial Plan

There was a time when I would encounter something about personal financial planning and my eyes would glaze over and my mind would wander like I was slogging through some treatise on the chemical structure of house paint.

Economics in One Lesson 2

Henry Hazlitt just might be the most brilliant economist you’ve never heard of.

Finding Things To Give? What’s Up With That? 2

Did you know that if you’re an average person living an average life in America right now, you probably have a standard of living that is better than 95 percent of the people who have ever walked on the face of this planet? That’s pretty awesome to think about, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder, though, ...

Contentment In Life Is A Biblical Goal 2

Why do many of us find it so difficult to find contentment? Why are so many of us so restless in our current situations? Why do we expend so much of our energy and time worrying about what the other guy has, unsatisfied with what we have been given and placing a top priority on ...

Great Leaders Don’t Stick Their Tongues In Employees’ Ears! 8

I hate lists of “top leadership qualities”. They’re a dime a dozen and they all say basically the same things. Be a delegator. Be organized. Be proactive. Be honest. Be inspiring. Blah, blah, blah. I’m not saying that all those lists out there are bogus because it’s pretty obvious that many great leaders possess a ...

Allowance For Kids – Good or Bad Idea?

I’m a big believer in teaching kids how to manage money, and I think setting up an allowance for kids might be the single best tool you can give them to help them learn basic financial skills. I started giving my kids a share of the family war chest at an early age; as a ...

11 Reasons Why YOU Should Start A Blog

  Every Christian should have their own blog! Welcome to the largest and most accessible mission field on the planet… 

Can looking at life in the 1950’s in America teach us anything about today’s consumer culture?

I felt like messing with one of my kid’s mind the other day, so I sat down next to him on the couch, snatched the remote control and changed the TV channel from the kids show he was watching to that old 1950’s show “I Love Lucy”. To my disappointment, after being initially aggravated, my ...

Have You Made Your Kid’s High School GPA Into An Idol?

Does your family worship at the altar of the high school transcript?

The Demise of Social Security: Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

The Social Security program is on a long, slow path to oblivion.

America’s Welfare State Is Doomed

The inevitable crisis will be brought on by demographics.

American Consumerism – Soothing Our Spiritual Void

Throughout the economic uncertainties of the last several years there has been a steady stream of finger pointing, name calling and class division, all in an effort to expose those who were responsible for getting us into the largest economic mess since the Great Depression. But in the here and now, calling out the miscreants ...