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This Aspect Of Christianity Has Shaped The World More Than Any Other

Forgiveness. It’s what we have been called to practice. It’s simple, yet difficult and transcendent. And it is, perhaps, the one aspect of Christianity that has had the most impact on the shaping of modern history.

Top 8 Movies For Christians With Brains

  Here are eight movies that masterfully explore the human condition while challenging your assumptions and testing your worldview.

Are These Really King Solomon’s Copper Mines?

“To put your hand on the copper supply at that time was really critical. Whoever controlled or tried to monopolize this was in power.” -Dr. Israel Finkelstein

Make A Few Bad Choices, Get Punished In Hell Forever?

So, God is going to punish you in Hell forever and ever and ever because you sinned during your tiny, finite time on Earth.

Are You One Of The “Nones”?

Almost everyone is familiar with “nuns”. You may even be friends with a nun or two. But how about “Nones”?

Acting Like You’re Married Is A Dumb Idea

New item on the list of cool things to do: Young couples acting like they’re married. Stayover relationships. Shacking up. Playing house.

Who Really Wrote The Gospels?

Matthew, the tax collector… Mark, the notetaker for the disciple Peter… Luke, the physician pal of Paul.. and John, the “favorite” of Jesus…

Lessons To Be Learned By Evangelical Progressives

Scot McKnight has some advice for Evangelical progressives still reeling from the sharp blow of the recent elections.

DO Have Greeters In Your Church. DON’T Let Them Make These Mistakes.

  A church with a “greeter ministry” is already ahead of the game. Don’t blow it by letting these 5 mistakes creep into your game plan.

Goldilocks Is Responsible For Our Universe

An astrophysicist who builds “universes” on supercomputers explores the big question of cosmology

The Crucifixion of the Warrior God

If all Scripture is “God-breathed”, how do we honestly reconcile the slaughter-commanding God of the Old Testament with the enemy-loving Jesus portrayed in the New Testament?

What Is Scientific Naturalism?

The overriding worldview of the postmodern world is naturalism, which encompasses a philosophy that assumes that “nature” is all there is, was, will ever be and all that is needed to explain everything that exists. Naturalism wears a veneer of science, but at its core it is actually a “religion” that presents itself as the ...

You Should Understand The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Since all my interactions on a daily basis fall within the fences of Western culture, it’s inevitable that the subject of “god” is broached from time to time.  Sometimes when people find out I’m Christian the conversation instantly moves back a step, from Christ to the existence of God. I also encounter kids, flush with ...

New Research May Identify Writers Of Dead Sea Scrolls

New research into the nearly 200 textiles found in the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered may bolster the theory that the Essenes were the writers of the famous scrolls. The Essenes were a Jewish sect, active from the 2nd century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. and are believed to have inhabited ...

Death Before The Fall Of Man?

Many Christians believe that all physical death stems from the sin of Adam and Eve. But is this really what scripture teaches us? Here are some thoughts to ponder from four different authors:   Rich Deem: Young earth creationists say that God judged the animals on the basis of man’s sin. However, the Bible says ...