Your Faith | - Part 2

American Evangelical Christianity Has A Lunatic Fringe 2

If evangelical leaders have any guts at all, they’ll expose the extremists who masquerade as evangelicals.

5 Reasons Evangelicals Say God and Evolution Can’t Coexist

Many Evangelical Christians say “Evolutionary Creationism” is bogus.

Why Don’t Christian Pro-Lifers Kill The Abortionists?

Wouldn’t executing them be a moral response to their mass murder?

King Herod Did Not Complete The Temple Mount Construction

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority say that some coins recently discovered underneath the foundations of the Western Wall in Jerusalem challenge the current belief that King Herod completed the construction of the Temple Mount complex. Among the coins unearthed by diggers were four that were made out of bronze and stamped with the name ...

How Much Do You Know About the Bible In Music?

Here’s something that will show you how much there is to know.

The “New Atheists” Are On A Collision Course With Failure

Alister McGrath picks apart their bogus worldview.

No, Joseph Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

This I know, for the Bible tells me so.

You Are NOT An Independent Individual

The idea of living life on your own terms is bogus.

Get With The Times – Marriage Is Outdated

Can Ephesians clear the muddy waters?

5 Reasons Why Your Pastor Won’t Preach About “Hell”

Most pastors shy away from the topic of Hell. Here are 5 reasons why.

Ahhh Yes… The Irony Of “Church”…

What do churches and a mall maintenance shop have in common?    

Biblical Archeology Now Aided By Cold War Satellite Imagery

Thousands of 1960’s-era, CORONA spy satellite images of Israel and the Middle East have now been made available to archeologists thanks to the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) at the University of Arkansas. The previously-classified, high-resolution images could offer an important glimpse into the the landscape prior to the last four decades of encroachment ...

Online Evangelism Is Gaining A Foothold

A new study indicates that internet evangelism and discipleship can be an effective way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the study, out of those respondents who said they had made a decision for Jesus online, more than fifty percent also said they went on to share their faith with others. In addition, ...

Prominent Atheist Says We Shoud Preserve Our Christian Roots

A distinguished professor of political philosophy and the philosophy of science and former president of the Italian Senate argues in a new book that the West must embrace Christianity as the central pillar of its cultural identity – or perish. Atheist Marcello Pera, in his new book Why We Should Call Ourselves Christians: The Religious ...

Atheist Scientists Embrace Religious Tradition

  A study just released finds that one in five atheist scientists participate in religious communities after they have children, indicating that atheist scientists are not against religion as much as we may be led to believe. According to the study, there are three major reasons why they participate in religion once they become parents: ...