Truth Deniers Are Crying About Fake News |

Truth Deniers Are Crying About Fake News


christian fake newsDo Christians traffic in Fake News? Absolutely. The fake news bait is tempting and superficially gratifying.  If you believe Christianity is true, then you believe there is such a thing as absolute truth. There is no room for getting sucked into and perpetuating false tales just because they seem to validate your worldview.

But what about those who deny absolute truth?

Lenny Esposito asks:

“If nothing’s true, then what qualifies as Fake News?

Is fake news a problem? I would say all false beliefs are problematic, though some rise to a higher level than others. The more important the issue, the more important it is one holds to true beliefs. That’s why more discussion is the cure, not blanket bans or labeling. The only way to rid us of the darkness of ignorance is to flood it with the light of knowledge. But when I see those who reject the concept of absolute truth all of a sudden become deeply concerned about ‘fake news,’ I become deeply concerned about their agenda. One cannot believe hold to both and be consistent.”



So, what is “truth”?

What is real?
What can we know?
What should we believe?
What should we do and why?
Is there a God?

J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig have some answers for you in their book Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview

Take a look:

Or look for it at your Local Library.


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