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Acting Like You’re Married Is A Dumb Idea


acting marriedNew item on the list of cool things to do: Young couples acting like they’re married. Stayover relationships. Shacking up. Playing house.

Jordan Standridge writes:

“Looking around today it is quite difficult to find a couple who is dating wisely. Many people sleep together (even some within the church), and those who don’t, seem to get to the point where they are acting married soon after they begin their relationship. Some spend far more time together than most married couples do. They text each other dozens of times a day, they have most meals together and they spend full days together. They may call each other names of endearment, and talk about the kind of furniture they want to buy for their home together. Maybe they refer to each other as “my guy” or “my girl” before there is any real commitment. And even if they are staying sexually pure there can still be areas that need to be re-evaluated within their relationship.”

According to Standridge, acting like you are married can have some dangerous consequences, such as:

  • Diverting your spiritual gifts to each other instead of the church
  • Becoming more vulnerable to sexual sin
  • Increasing the potential for emotional devastation
  • Creating baggage that will be carried into future relationships
  • Setting a poor example for others

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