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31 Books By Insiders That Doubt Darwinism


Check out this neat little “non-exhaustive” list recently compiled

charles darwin was wrongby the folks over at Uncommon Descent: 31 books written by “insiders”  from 1871 through the present that sit in stark contrast to the mainstream agenda-pushers of modern Darwinism.

“After a mass of ignored, dismissed data builds up, a discreditable system of knowledge must either crumble or reform.

But a question nags: Why is Checkpoint Charlie still so overstaffed with dogmatists in the field?”

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You may want to check this out as well:

In his well-written and updated book Evolution: Still A Theory in Crisis, Biologist Michael Denton explores the failure of Darwinism to explain the continuum of life. He also puts a claim in for the seeming pervasiveness of “nonadaptive order” which can’t be accounted for by the workings of Darwinist theory.


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