Duped By The Global Warming Propaganda Machine |

Duped By The Global Warming Propaganda Machine


New Pew survey shows effectiveness of global warming propaganda.

The powers that push the propaganda now insist on the label of global “climate change”. The presumption, of course, is that any kind of change in weather patterns is surely brought on by humans.

Don’t fall for it, says William M. Briggs. Insist that they call it global ‘warming”. After all, that’s what they’ve been promising for all these years.

Now if the globe warms, the climate has changed. But the climate also changes if the globe cools. The climate changes if it becomes wetter or again if it becomes drier. It changes if there are more storms or fewer. It changes if there are thicker or thinner clouds. It changes if the first day of frost is earlier or later. In short, the climate always changes. Absolutely always. No power on earth can stop it.

To say “climate change” is to concede the tacit argument that anything that happens does so because of mankind. This is preposterous and will lead to devilry on the part of our beneficent leaders. The new Pew study is proof of this.

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