Evangelical Leaders Should Be Outraged At Trump |

Evangelical Leaders Should Be Outraged At Trump


trump christian voteIf Barack Obama’s policies saved central banking, working class jobs, the economy, the stock market, the mortgage industry, the auto industry… then why are “Evangelical leaders” not fawning over current leftist liberal policies?

Why are so many of them silent “in the face of Donald Trump’s lies, misinformation and threats against those who are most vulnerable in our society”?

These are questions posed by Don Golden, Executive Director over at Red Letter Christians.


“Given the passive reaction to these and other outrages, we have to ask whether Evangelical leaders are more committed to candidates of the Republican party than to gospel standards of right and wrong? As in Jesus’ day, our religious leaders remain silent in the face of moral compromise and injustice. When Donald Trump finally takes office, will Evangelicalism be the compromised court religion of the Republican Party or will its leaders finally speak up?”

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