Freedom Of Speech Is For Losers |

Freedom Of Speech Is For Losers


You don’t need it when your’e winning the culture war.

When you hold the cultural upper hand, the need for free speech and political tolerance is diminished. But when your side is losing, those concepts are the greatest defense against the silencing of your opinions.

According to Andrew Syrios:

The vast majority of speech being “regulated” today is simply that of an unpopular opinion. Yes, many ideas are bad. And they should be refuted. Moreover, resorting to the use of political force to silence adversaries is a sign of the weakness of one’s own position. But, in using force to silence others, anti-speech crusaders are making another argument. They’re arguing that political force can and should be used to silence people we don’t like.

Gee, where in history have we heard that before?

Read more at Mises Institute.



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