Is Marriage Outdated? |

Get With The Times – Marriage Is Outdated


Can Ephesians clear the muddy waters?

People get divorced all the time… Lots of unmarried couples are living together and having children… The legal definition of marriage is changing… Same-sex marriages are on the rise…

Is the institution of marriage just a tradition that needs to get with the times? Is it even necessary any more?

According to Richard Coekin, we can look to Ephesians for a clear discussion of the relationship between God’s nature and the dynamic of marriage.

According to Ephesians 5:21–33, our loving Creator has instilled marriage into the instincts of humanity and fabric of human society in order to stir longing and prepare hearts for the love of Christ. Marriage conducted in God’s way is a glorious demonstration to the heavenly realms of the triumph of his plan to gather all things under his Son.

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