Have You Made Your Kid's High School GPA Into An Idol? |

Have You Made Your Kid’s High School GPA Into An Idol?


Does your family worship at the altar of the high school transcript?

Sure, we talk a big game when we’re feeling all “church-y”. We say things like “God’s grace is sufficient for me” and “I live in this world but I am not of ‘the world’”.

And then we stick our kids to a script of multiple SAT prep classes, cranked up volunteer hours, maximal AP classes and jockeying for “leadership positions”.

Always pushing, pressing to get our kids through the crowd so they can lay their hands on that golden scholarship, the big grant money and those top-tier colleges.

As Heather Choate Davis puts it:

It’s not surprising that our secular culture has allowed the pressures of quarterly-earnings-report thinking to invade the American childhood in the name of “just wanting them to be happy.”

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be countercultural. As Christian parents living amidst the 21st-century lie that says that we and our children must prove our worth to the world, we are asked to repent of our own sins of pride, fear, and faithlessness, and hold fast to his Word


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