DO Have Greeters In Your Church. DON'T Let Them Make These Mistakes. |

DO Have Greeters In Your Church. DON’T Let Them Make These Mistakes.


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A church with a “greeter ministry” is already ahead of the game. Don’t blow it by letting these 5 mistakes creep into your game plan.

By Thom Rainer

Here are the five most common greeter ministry mistakes. The good news is they are all easily correctable.

  1. Greeters who only converse with people they know.

  2. Failure to have greeters in the worship center before services begin.

  3. Combining the greeter function with handing out bulletins/worship folders.

  4. Greeters who fail to introduce themselves.

  5. Failure to have greeters in place after the services have begun.


Greeters serve an important function in churches of every size. In fact, studies have shown that these front line folks can have a profound impact on a visitor’s decision on whether or not to return to a specific church. Providing a friendly first contact can be reassuring to someone new – especially if they’re alone.

If you don’t have a greeter ministry, start one! If you already have one in place, could you put some more effort into organizing, motivating and training your volunteers?



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