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Are You One Of The “Nones”?


leaving the churchAlmost everyone is familiar with “nuns”. You may even be friends with a nun or two. But how about “Nones”? Do you hang out with any of those folks? Are you a “None”?

So what, exactly, is a “None”?

As Pastor Carlos Wilton explains:

“The label, of course, comes from that dangling multiple-choice item on questionnaires asking about religious affiliation: ‘None of the above’.

“Who are they? Although the unaffiliated are a varied bunch, sociologists reassure us that a great many of them self-identify as “spiritual.” The spiritual-but-not-religious subset of Nones haven’t given up on God (whoever or whatever they conceive God to be). Their search for the divine has simply broadened beyond traditional churches.”

So what does Pastor Wilton say is the most effective way to discover and connect with those folks who practice a quieter spirituality outside of the formal ‘church’?

You can read his ideas at

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