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Lessons To Be Learned By Evangelical Progressives


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Scot McKnight has some advice for Evangelical progressives still reeling from the sharp blow of the recent elections.

“Progressives, who are not afraid to use the argument about the “right side of history” found themselves on the wrong side in this election but this time they are absolutely sure they are on the right side in spite of history.”

There are some lessons to be learned by those looking to regroup and retrench:

“It’s a good time for progressives, and I have in mind some of my evangelical progressive friends, to ponder anew what to do and to plot anew what to do. If they are up to it in this ‘in between the vote and the inauguration season’ “

  • This is the ‘new’ reality (for now). Get used to it.
  • Stop tolerating so much intolerance within your camp.
  • Make an effort to understand folks who don’t think like you do.
  • Quit complaining about the past and start preparing for the future.
  • Put less trust in the political process and more trust in Christ.

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