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5 Things About Millennial Christians Who Think Socialism Is Cool


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Lots of Millennial Christians these days are feeling the Socialist vibe and many are proponents of using the power of the state in order to create a more level and charitable society. But is this something that has been fully thought through?

Here are 5 things to think about…


1. Millennials think Socialism is sweet. Until they get jobs.

Research shows that while Millennials say they agree with the tenets of Socialism, once they start making more money, paying more taxes and footing their own bills this enthusiasm wanes.

more: Washington Post


2. When asked for specifics, the Millennial age group has a hard time defining Socialism.

Many don’t really understand what Socialism means. They don’t realize that under Socialism the Government would own all their go-to goodies. Like their bank, or Uber or Amazon or Facebook (Instagram)…

more: reason.com


3. Socialism appeals to lazy Christians.

Many Millennials who gravitate towards Socialism are expecting the government, not Christians and the Church, to address and fix the problems of society.

more: Christian Post


4. Millennials equate Socialism with Scandinavia instead of the Soviet Bloc.

Millennials tend to associate Socialism with a government that will ease the burden of the people and supply their basic needs rather than one that will seize control of all means of production and dictate the will of the people by controlling their thinking.

more: The Federalist


5. Christian Millennials (and many Americans in general) just don’t know enough about the arguments on both sides of the Socialism equation.

Being familiar with the basic tenets of economics, US history and government are crucial to understanding how we got to where we are today.

Without the knowledge to back up the words, arguments just become memes…flashy gotchas that serve no purpose other than to divide.

So if you’re one of the growing number of Millennial Christians who are eager to join the Socialist choir, there’s a cheap little book you may want to grab – in the name of ‘intellectual honesty’.

It’s titled The Problem With Socialism and it can be read in an afternoon.


And while you’re at it, why don’t you download a FREE copy of Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlett.

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I’m not trying to get anybody to change their mind. I’m just tossing out some stuff to chew on.

“Be your own thinker”.



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