No, Joseph Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids |

No, Joseph Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids


This I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Apparently, Dr. Ben Carson believes that the biblical Joseph built the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Predictably, many in the liberal secular media were then quick to assert that this “belief” is widely held in the Evangelical Christian world.

But, as Dr. Michael S.Heiser shows with some quick math, a literal reading of the Old Testament actually contradicts any connection between Joseph and the Pyramids.


Demonstrating the fallacy of Carson’s belief isn’t difficult. First we need to establish the Bible’s own chronology. Following that, we need only to synchronize the Bible’s chronology with that of ancient Egypt.


The bottom line is that, if one accepts the biblical record at face value, what Dr. Carson believes about the pyramids is impossible—according to the Bible’s own numbers.


So, sorry Dr. Carson, you’re kind of out on your own limb here.

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