Online Evangelism Is Gaining A Foothold |

Online Evangelism Is Gaining A Foothold


A new study indicates that internet evangelism and discipleship can be an effective way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the study, out of those respondents who said they had made a decision for Jesus online, more than fifty percent also said they went on to share their faith with others. In addition, the findings showed that 34 percent of the respondents claimed to read their bibles daily and almost half said they spent 10 minutes or more each day in prayer.

The study, done by Global Media Outreach, consisted of over 100,000 people worldwide and sought to quantify the personal Christian faith practices of those who said they made their decision for Jesus through GMO’s various websites. The Silicon Valley-based ministry seeks to present the Gospel through the utilization of the internet and other new technologies, which they say have helped more that 15 million individuals make a decision for Jesus since the ministry’s 2004 founding.




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