Christian personal finance, career, retirement and calling - Part 2

Who Really Rules America?

Is there really such a thing as “the Power Elite”? If so, who exactly are they?  Do they have an infrastructure? What is their ideology? Where do they get their money? 

Goldilocks Is Responsible For Our Universe

An astrophysicist who builds “universes” on supercomputers explores the big question of cosmology

31 Books By Insiders That Doubt Darwinism

Check out this neat little “non-exhaustive” list

Evangelical Leaders Should Be Outraged At Trump

If Barack Obama’s policies saved central banking, working class jobs, the economy, the stock market, the mortgage industry, the auto industry…

The Crucifixion of the Warrior God

If all Scripture is “God-breathed”, how do we honestly reconcile the slaughter-commanding God of the Old Testament with the enemy-loving Jesus portrayed in the New Testament?

How To Build A Simple Financial Plan

There was a time when I would encounter something about personal financial planning and my eyes would glaze over and my mind would wander like I was slogging through some treatise on the chemical structure of house paint.

Economics in One Lesson 2

Henry Hazlitt just might be the most brilliant economist you’ve never heard of.

Crossing The Line: Frugal To Stingy 5

I’m always up for discovering some great ways to save money, and over the years I’ve found out that many of the best ways to save money are also the simplest. And I’ll just say right off the bat that probably the overall simplest and most effective way to save money that has been revealed ...

Finding Things To Give? What’s Up With That? 2

Did you know that if you’re an average person living an average life in America right now, you probably have a standard of living that is better than 95 percent of the people who have ever walked on the face of this planet? That’s pretty awesome to think about, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder, though, ...

Why You’ll Probably Need Less Money To Retire Than You’ve Been Told 5

Don’t let the “retirement police” sap your motivation to keep socking money away.   We’ve all heard it – that mantra that beats out from the gurus and pied pipers of the financial planning and “financial independence” world reminding us of the large sacks of cash that we’re going to need in order to “retire”. ...

It’s Never Too Late to Save for Retirement 9

Is it biblical to save and invest money for retirement? What about those Bible passages that seem to teach against saving and storing up for an earthly life? Well, here’s the bottom line: We can be savers and investors only if we are also givers. By acquiring the discipline to save for the future, we ...

Contentment In Life Is A Biblical Goal 2

Why do many of us find it so difficult to find contentment? Why are so many of us so restless in our current situations? Why do we expend so much of our energy and time worrying about what the other guy has, unsatisfied with what we have been given and placing a top priority on ...

Great Leaders Don’t Stick Their Tongues In Employees’ Ears! 8

I hate lists of “top leadership qualities”. They’re a dime a dozen and they all say basically the same things. Be a delegator. Be organized. Be proactive. Be honest. Be inspiring. Blah, blah, blah. I’m not saying that all those lists out there are bogus because it’s pretty obvious that many great leaders possess a ...

5 Things About Millennial Christians Who Think Socialism Is Cool

  Lots of Millennial Christians these days are feeling the Socialist vibe

What Is Scientific Naturalism?

The overriding worldview of the postmodern world is naturalism, which encompasses a philosophy that assumes that “nature” is all there is, was, will ever be and all that is needed to explain everything that exists. Naturalism wears a veneer of science, but at its core it is actually a “religion” that presents itself as the ...