Christian personal finance, career, retirement and calling - Part 4

Why Don’t Christian Pro-Lifers Kill The Abortionists?

Wouldn’t executing them be a moral response to their mass murder?

King Herod Did Not Complete The Temple Mount Construction

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority say that some coins recently discovered underneath the foundations of the Western Wall in Jerusalem challenge the current belief that King Herod completed the construction of the Temple Mount complex. Among the coins unearthed by diggers were four that were made out of bronze and stamped with the name ...

How Much Do You Know About the Bible In Music?

Here’s something that will show you how much there is to know.

The “New Atheists” Are On A Collision Course With Failure

Alister McGrath picks apart their bogus worldview.

No, Joseph Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

This I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Hey, Helicopter Parents: You’re Ruining Your Kids

Over-protecting and over-helping will lead to crashing and burning.

The Demise of Social Security: Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

The Social Security program is on a long, slow path to oblivion.

The Political Left Uses Your College Kid As A Tool

The newest tactic of the Left turns college students into suppressors of free speech.

You Are NOT An Independent Individual

The idea of living life on your own terms is bogus.

Get With The Times – Marriage Is Outdated

Can Ephesians clear the muddy waters?

Freedom Of Speech Is For Losers

You don’t need it when your’e winning the culture war.

Duped By The Global Warming Propaganda Machine

New Pew survey shows effectiveness of global warming propaganda.

Public Schools Aren’t Failing Our Kids, Parents Are.

Moral formation is the responsibility of parents not schools.

Want Financial Peace Of Mind?

Do These 7 Things.

5 Reasons Why Your Pastor Won’t Preach About “Hell”

Most pastors shy away from the topic of Hell. Here are 5 reasons why.