Public Schools Aren't Failing Our Kids, Parents Are. |

Public Schools Aren’t Failing Our Kids, Parents Are.


Moral formation is the responsibility of parents not schools.

You send your child off to school to spend the day with hundreds of other kids. Regardless of how you feel about the US education system, the fact of the matter is teachers can’t just put a classroom on hold in order to give individual instruction and guidance on how to act like a respectable human being.

That’s your job, says Matt Walsh, and if you’ve failed at that then you’ve failed at the most important aspect of parenting and the results are nobody’s fault but yours.

There’s a more general and basic thing kids need to be taught: It’s called goodness. Virtue. Morality. What we’re seeing in schools — elementary, middle school, high school, college — are young people with absolutely no moral formation. They are brutal, selfish, abusive, and vicious because that’s a natural default setting for human beings who’ve never been taught and shown how to be righteous and upright.

In other words, “it’s the parents’ fault, stupid”.

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