New Atheism will ultimately fail |

The “New Atheists” Are On A Collision Course With Failure


Alister McGrath picks apart their bogus worldview.

In a recent lecture at Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary, Alister McGrath spoke about faith, science and reason.


“New Atheism ridicules the ‘irrationality of faith,’” reported McGrath, who has debated New Atheist icons such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. “But it’s in decline, because it’s stale, dull and incredible. It provides unsatisfactory answers to ultimate questions. People want to know more.”

Atheists claim reality is only “what reason and science can demonstrate,” but that is “just wrong,” McGrath said.

“Christianity makes sense of what science is and is not and its limits,” McGrath added. “Science is very good at taking things to bits to see how they work, but humans need to know how to put them back together to understand what they mean.

Christianity offers the best “empirical fit” for understanding the world, because it surpasses pure reason or science alone for making sense of what humans experience in life


Dr. McGrath holds PhD’s in theology, molecular biology, and intellectual history.


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