The Political Left Uses Your College Kid As A Tool |

The Political Left Uses Your College Kid As A Tool


The newest tactic of the Left turns college students into suppressors of free speech.

This just the Left doing what the Left does best.

The overarching purpose of the Left is the pursuit of political power and this is their newest tactic: Using college kids as a tool, manipulating their campus minions into a ‘victimocracy’ consisting of ‘crybullies’ who form ‘crymobs’ who demand ‘safe spaces’ where free speech is barred.

Then they weaponize the safe space through ‘safe baiting’ and the Leftist agenda is furthered thorough the false narrative that ensues.

Says Daniel Greenfield:
The left is a victimhood cult. It feeds off pain and fetishizes suffering as a moral commodity to be sold and resold in exchange for political power…

The crybully is upset because you aren’t as upset as it is upset. And you can’t be as upset as the crybully because who do you think you are anyway? You don’t know pain the way that a privileged 19-year-old identity politics major whose latest tantrum hasn’t been affirmed by authority knows pain. Even claiming that you can relate to the crybully’s pain is offensive. No one else has ever suffered like it.

The crybully isn’t even all that outraged by the thing he’s protesting over, but he’s outraged that you aren’t taking his feelings seriously. His feelings always matter more than the issue.

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