Top 8 Movies For Christians With Brains |

Top 8 Movies For Christians With Brains



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Here are eight movies that masterfully explore the human condition while challenging your assumptions and testing your worldview.



#8 Tender Mercies

Minimalist filmmaking at its finest. A near-perfect character study of human flaws, brokenness and man’s search for ultimate redemption.



#7 I Confess

Film Noir by Alfred Hitchcock centered around the inspiring portrayal of faith by a priest wrongly accused of murder.



#6 Les Miserables

Of the many film adaptations of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, the 1934 version is by far the best. But it’s really, really long.  The 1998 version is a little more modern, much more condensed but equally compelling.



#5 Repentance

The film that brought down the Soviet Union.

#4 Ben-Hur

Cinematic magnificence at its finest. A powerful, meaningful and action-packed spectacle exploring the many facets of human conflict in the time of Christ.

#3 Dead Man Walking

A gripping, non-judgemental exploration of sin, guilt and capital punishment.

#2 The Tree Of Life

“That’s how you grow up. And it all happens in this blink of a lifetime, surrounded by the realms of unimaginable time and space.” – Roger Ebert

#1 Chariots of Fire

Timeless and compelling story of sacrifice and the meaning of glory presented through the competition between two outsiders – a Jewish law student and a Scottish missionary.





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