Why Don't Christian Pro-Lifers Kill The Abortionists? |

Why Don’t Christian Pro-Lifers Kill The Abortionists?


Wouldn’t executing them be a moral response to their mass murder?

Do you believe that the thousands of abortions that are performed every day in the U.S. are akin to murder?  That abortion providers practice legal mass killings on a level similar to a holocaust?

Then why is killing abortion providers wrong? Does this point out a grave inconsistency with pro-life Christians? Do you not truly believe that abortion is the same as murder?

Joe Carter, editor for The Gospel Coalition, tackled this line of questioning recently.

If pro-lifers believe abortion is legal mass murder on par with genocide or the Holocaust (and most of us do), then the question becomes, “When it is morally justified to use violence against all abortionists to prevent the mass killing of the unborn?”


By examining the issue through the framework of just war theory we find that even if we begin with the assumption that it may sometimes be morally licit to use violence to stop those who kill unborn children, the conclusion most pro-life Christians would draw is that it would be immoral to kill abortionists to prevent them from engaging in the murder of the unborn. There is therefore no inconsistency in Christians believing both that abortion is murder and that murdering the abortionist is not a proper pro-life response.

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